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Laundry Shop Owners Club Of The Philippines

Hi guys,

I would like to have the update for the Laundry Owners Club put up as early as possible. For those interested, please post here your user name, or name or please email me or leave a comment so i can include your name on the list.

The tentative date of the first meeting should be September13, 2008. I made it a Saturday for the benefit of those attending office.

It is worth noticing also that if ever, this is going to be “The First and Only” Club of Laundry Shop Owners here in the Philippines. Support the cause and let yourself be counted..
I will take the liberty of putting the names of those that have expressed their interest in joining the group.
If I’ve missed some, please text me and I’ll be the one to include your names on the list.

To start with the head count:

1. Monette
2. Dra. Nette
3. Gilbert
4. Dandan
5. Wash ko lang – Thank you!
6. Dr. Rodel
7. Carlos111
8. MarzhmaLoE
9. Soapwear
10. William
11. Ann
12. Business Partner of Ann
13. Norma
14. Noemi
15. Pauline
16. Ruth
17. JEmmaB
18. Laundrygal
19. Perpax
20. Citilife Laundry/Denzon
21. Orange
22. Owen/Doggie doggie
23. Rachel
24. Cielo M.
25. Anna (Better Living Laundry)
26. Kelly2005 (thank you)
27. Angels
28. Angel Quinito from CDO
29. Gerry from Las Pinas
30. Chyze
31. Elvie Adorador
32. Marielle
33. Carl
34. Dylan from Davao
35. Dong (from Bulacan)
36. Jingle (from Bulacan)
37. Heidi
38. Elvie (fr Davao)
39. Peter Catan
40. Richel Catan (fr Dumaguete)
41. Jon
42. Clarissa
43. Cmann
44. Baby Baretto
45. Marc (Cavite)
46. Ms. Jing (from Cebu)
47. Francis
48. continuation here: members list

I hope to gather at the least is 100 and I hope I could reach out to as many laundry shop owners as I can. This is nationwide, so this number is rather small.

Good luck to us!

Have a nice day everyone!


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30 Responses

  1. Labadang Kay Ganda

    Count me in! :)

  2. Thank you Labadang Kay Ganda!

  3. rowena ison

    sali ako dyan…..

  4. Rowena,
    Your name now included,

  5. ched santos

    ok im interested

  6. ched,
    your name now included, i’ll refer you here to check your name:

  7. aey

    join din ako!

  8. aey, check it out, your name is now on the list.

  9. Bebsie Lopez

    i together with my husband own and manage ‘Laundry Dad’ in Bacolod. It’s good to know that such a thing exists. Ran into your site by accident while shopping for dryer dealers. looks like your doing a great job, thank you!

  10. Hi Bebsie,
    Welcome! I am trying to unite laundry business owners for our own good. In this times when business is tough and competition is unavoidable, there’s nobody else to turn to but our fellow business owners. I hope you could be a member too,

    Have a nice day!

  11. jovy

    hi,count me in pls..

  12. ricky

    am a laundry shop owner in fairview-am interested in joining the group- can u pls count me in? thanks a lot

  13. Ricky,
    You are #114. Please attend the meeting on Saturday.
    See you!

  14. SUNDAY CLEAN (Antipolo City)

    Hi Ms. Monette…i will attend tom…..tnx!!! c u!

  15. tyrone

    hi mr. laundry

    i would like to get your opinion about pride detergent , can you recommend it for laundry shop use? what other brands can you recommend?

    what is the best way in tagging system?

    meron bang detergent that causes bad smell after the laundy ? or its just kulang ang detergent input or kulang sa rinsing?


  16. donnayambao

    Please help on how to manage a Laundry shop. A friend of mine is planning to put up a laundry shop the soonest, just dont know where to start. Please help.

    Thanks, Donna

  17. Hi Donna,
    If you are planning to put up a laundry shop and don’t know where to start, read this blog from the archives and you’ll learn a lot. However if you want boosting the confidence, i would suggest you to attend a seminar.
    have a nice day!

  18. joe

    please count me in.



  20. Kirei Laundry shop

    count me in…

  21. 1125 Laundry Haus

    8. MarzhmaLoE

    oh… Ms. Monette ngayon ko lang nakita to…
    Naalala ko tuloy yung last year…
    Join pa din ako…
    I hope Ma meet ko din yung ibang members..

    Thank you Ms. Monette, kasi hindi mko nakalimutan

  22. please count me in. let us all unite

  23. cherry

    good to see posts on laundry business. I am planning to put up a laundry business coz i own a water station and want to make the waste out of water to become another profit. I am thinking if it is really that better to put up one, minding all the competitors out there and the price war.

    when i started my water station, i thought it’s just that easy, but along the way, many problems, many money involved that i did not expect.

    there are so many things to consider. how about with laundry business. actually this is not my line of business but then i guess it’s worth a try.

    would there be any discouragements since im just a newbie in the industry.

    how bout seminars probably by early may, preferably saturday. i hope u can share me a lot on this thing.

    thanks so much

  24. labada king

    hi how do i join the laundry business owners club? i want to join and learn and share my knowledge too!

  25. Cirilla labandera

    I’m about to start a laundry shop business and would like to join the Laundry Owners Club. Looking forward to meeting you guys! =)

  26. I want to join your team…

    I know I can improve my shop through this… please contact me through my email anytime for updates.

    Thank you so much


  27. pretty eash

    count me in

  28. Laundry Care

    Please include my name on your list. Im very interested to join.

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