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Another Question in Laundry Business


lahat ba ng klase ng damit pinalalabhan sa laundry shop? even underwears? paano kung sobrang dumi? at may amoy pa. thanks

REPLY(from denzon) :
It’s your option if you want to have restrictions sa mga ia-accept na clothes…I know that there are laundry shops na hindi tumatanggap ng underwears…sa window pa lang nila may naka post na na “We do not accept underwears” sign. But most laundry shops do.

What if sobrang dudumi? Well our service is to clean them. ;) ;D


In addition if you don’t want to do them yet you don’t want to reject, just set a premium price that is “presyong ayaw mo gawin” Say P80.- per pc of underwear?

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Some Tips in Buying a Laundry Business

Quote from: blueknight1968

Hi to everyone. I’m new to this forum and after going through the thread I found a lot of good and useful tips for starting and managing a laundry business. I’m planning to enter the laundry business market soon by buying an existing laundry business.

I hope you can help me out in determining the purchase price of the business. What will be my main considerations in negotiating the purchase price of an existing laundry business?

I checked out the shop this morning and got the following information from the attendant:
1- Rent is P10,000/mo.
2- Shop is one of three laundry shops inside a condominium building and is farthest of the three shops from the lobby.
3- Area is 30 sqm.
4- Shop is handling an average of 50 kg/day and charging P25/kg.
5- There are two front loading washers and two LPG-operated dryers. The machines are already four years old with one dryer needing a motor replacement.
6- The shop is beset with unpaid association dues and rent amounting to P100,000.
7- The shop will need minor painting and carpentry repair works which I my contractor estimated at around P10,000.

I understand that a forum member gives out seminars from time to time. I’m interested in participating in one of these seminars and hope another seminar could be arranged in the next few months.

Pahabol na tanong – where can I buy a weighing scale for the clothes? Is there a particular type that is suitable for a laundry busines. The one i saw in the shop is similar to the ones being used in the palengke.


Hi Ben,

Buying an existing laundry shop is ok, provided that it is of good track record, or at least you’re not one
being lead into a sinking business.

looking at your information,

it looks like you’ll end up break even based on the monthly gross income, taking into consideration na ang average walk-in lang per day is 50 kg.

50 kg if converted into cash, based on 25peso per kg is only P1250.

1250 x 30 days = 37,500

less expenses:

rental- 10,000
association dues ?
electricity ?
salary ?
water ?
detergent ?
lpg ?
miscellaneous ?

it would be better if you also gather these other informations, so that you could come up with the average net income of that laundry shop.

also, the machines are already old, and the shop has long overdue accounts with rentals.
if i were to buy that business, i’d price it at 100k only, which should cover the rentals already.
i presume you are not to absorb the overdue accounts. from the looks of it, the owner of the space can actually confiscate the contents given that scenario..

anyway, if you decide on pursuing the biz,
you should increase the daily sales by at least 80kg at 30 orr 25 pesos per kg,
you do that….and you’ll be able to pull the business up..

i hope i’ve shared enough..

good luck!



and also, get trustworthy staff. ;)

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Simple Questions, Simple Answers

Published on June 3, 2008 by in FAQ's, Uncategorized

Questions that are amusing at the same time legitimate, ;)

kung tatakbo ka iboboto kita. :O
natuwa naman ako dito,

patanong naman po:

1. ilan minutes average tumatakbo ang washer to wash and rinse?
supposedly about 40 mins, wash and rinse for normal cycle.

2. if i remember right, 5-10 mins lang ang dryer kung nag hang-dry, di po ba?
tama rin, 5-10 mins sa dryer after ma hang dry.(This of course helps lessen Global Warming, which I realized just now..)

3. ano po ang maximum batches or kilos ang nagagawa sa 12hour operation?
sa batch for a 12 hour operation, averaging malalaman yan.
more or less about 15 loads siguro, kung lahat normal cycle ha,
for kilos naman, depende sa loading, basta ang normal cycle pa rin is about 40 mins.

Have a nice day!

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Exclusive Available only for my Attendees

For sale available for my Laundry Seminar Attendees only! :-)

Fabric Softener Raw Material – P148.00/kilo
Fabric Freshener Raw Material – P138.00/liter
Fabric Essence – P609.00/250 ml
Hangers at rock bottom price – P3.50

Pictures to follow later! but since you’re my attendees, for sure you already know how these things look like,

All price quoted are “pick-up” price.

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June Seminar is Now Open

Published on June 3, 2008 by in seminar

Here’s the schedule for the Seminar : June 28, 2008
It will start 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or till end of open forum

For the seminar, here are the topics to be discussed:

-Start up capitalization
-Feasibility Study
-Setting Up of the Laundry Shop( lay out)
-Dry cleaning Procedure
-Marketing Strategies
-How to’s on the Operational Procedure
-Stain removal Procedure
-Forms and Fliers

Bonus topics are also discussed during the seminar.

Modules will be given out for the seminar
Open forum at the end of the seminar

Location of the seminar is on site:

Mr. Laundry Shoppe
12 Ignacio S. Diaz St. Cubao, Q.C.

Seminar Fee is P1450.-
Early Bird Promo if you reserve on or before JUNE 13, 2008. Fee is P1300.-
If you pay on the seminar date itself, fee is P1600.-

For those interested, please pm me for payment details.
We require pre-payment please..

You can also txt at 09228267515

BTW, snacks and lunch are served.

See you & Have a nice day!


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