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Softener Concerns, And Marketing Strategies

chris_santos Said,August 20th, 2011 @3:08 pm

Hi Ms. Monette,
I’m one of your seminar attendees from way back August of 2010. Unfortunately, I had to shelve my plans for a laundry shop then because of financial concerns. However, I’m glad to inform you that we finally started with the laundry business. Our shop is located in Las Pinas and is aptly named Dr. Sun Laundry Center.
I have a few questions though, I hope that you would be kind enough to answer some of them.
*We are using fabcon from a local manufacturer of laundry supplies, but we cannot get the desired smell of our laundry. Di masyado mabango yung finished product namin. Can you give us some advise.
*In our seminar, we didn’t really touch much on marketing strategies to improve sales. Can you give us some tips on how to improve our sales. So far kasi di pa pumapalo ang sales namin, although sa mga ibang laundry shop in our area (there are 2) e di na halos magkasya ang damit sa shop nila. How can we get at least a piece of the market their getting?? So far, we tried flyers and 5+1 promo. Ganun po ba talaga ang nag-uumpisa sa laundry business?
I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and more power.
Christian Santos

Hi Chris,

Congratulations on your new laundry business!
As for your questions-

1. Fabric conditioners are used for conditioning (para lumambot ang damit) the fabric, not really to provide the desired smell. However, if you are using one that is provided by a supplier, I suggest you ask them to bring you different sample so that you would have different choices or options. I hope you did not stock much or you will have to use up all your inventory before you can replace for a new scent. it would also help to ask the supplier if the scent evaporates when subjected to high temperature ( dryer). If this is so, then it is useless to ask for a different scent. I suggest you instead use fabric freshener to give scent to the clothes you process.

2. We have tackled on the marketing strategies, maybe your attention wasn’t there when we discussed it. As for marketing, it would help if your shop has a catchy appearance so that you would get customers attention. Is your shop visible enough? A lot of flyering and promos would help too. Keep a record of your customers number so that you can ask for a feedback of your services. Are they satisfied with how their clothes are processed? Your staff, are they accommodating enough?

3. If your competition is over flowing with customers, I don’t see any reason para hindi ka rin pasukin ng customers. Unless there is something wrong. Yes, ganun talaga ang nag uumpisa. You have to have patience and observe also what could be done to improve.

Good luck!


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  1. chris_santos

    Hi Ms. Monette,

    Thank you for your answers to my query. We did follow your advise and we now have a new brand for our softeners, and it really smells good. I’m also happy to inform you that our sales are slowly picking up; thanks to some marketing and word of mouth advertising from our satisfied clients.

    Thank you Ms. Monette! Couldn’t have done it without your seminar. More power to you and our fellow laundry business owners.

  2. me-anne

    good evening ms.monette,
    our shop averages 50k a day. how many personnel should i get?you see, we do handwashing most of the time kasi i don’t want to get complaints anymore. but this (handwashing )and listing the clothes one by one (itemizing) is taking so much of our time that we need to 3 personnel. is this justifiable? can you suggest ways on how we can deliver clean clothes without handwashing them all and what alternative can you offer in lieu of listing (itemizing) all the clothes. by the way we mix clothes but tag them for recognition. thank you and hope to hear from you.

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