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Locations That Are Ideal For Laundry Business


How to put up a laundry business? Simple.

First thing to do is find a location that:

  • Is near towers of condominium – No matter how many laundry shops there are existing in that area, your business will survive and will make money.
  • Has affordable rental – Yes you already found the location that’s near towers of condominium and the rental is 20K. Jackpot! Reserve the place.
  • ¬†Allows operation of laundry shops onsite – That will minimize your operating expenses, meaning more profitability.
  • Is visible to passersby – what’s the point of putting up a business if you are going to hide it? Show it to the world, that you have a new business, and its a laundry shop. :)
  • Is safe during rainy season. – You wouldn’t want to do the laundry in murky dirty flood water, right? Avoid flood prone areas.

Ok! I have shared partial list of factors in finding a good location for the business. I hope it had taught you a little sumpting, sumpting!

Til next post!


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