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Laundry Equipments, Water Use, Price list in Philippines #945

“Hi Etten, I see you found your calling and decided to hold monthly seminars. I hope it becomes regular. Just wanted to share some views regarding previous queries:

1- On the choice between looking for a good location or purchasing the right equipment for the laundry business, I will only reiterate the views of the forum experts here that good location is important. Besides, once you identify the location, that’s when you can determine the costs relative to repairs/improvements required, which will form part of your cost-benefit analysis (although you can always estimate the rent beforehand). As for equipment, the department/appliances stores frequently organize sales and fairs that offer discounts, interest rate reductions, and deferred payment schemes among others.

2- On the use of de-ionized water for laundry, this issue has not cropped up in this forum and in the seminar/s conducted by Etten. What I recall is an opinion raised in this forum that it would be cost effective if you have both a water refilling station and laundry shop. Something to do with the water.

3- On the pricing, the entry of new laundry shops in our neighborhood has caused another round of price cuts. From P25/kg to P20/kg and now P18/kg. Fortunately, my shop in’t located here but the price cutting has ruled out any chances for me to set-up a pick-up branch in our neighborhood.” -blueknight

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  2. Grace

    great day,

    gusto ko po sanang mag tayo ng sariling laundry shop….

    how much po ang magiging cost nun?

    from the machine(kahit isa or dalawa lng po muna), detergents,ways upto to the realization ng business.

    kahit po little by little basta ma stablish ko lang for the mean time ang shop.

    hope to hear word from you po..

    thank you for helping entrepreneur like me.

    God bless.


  3. Hi Grace,

    Start up capital if I’ll base it on the data you provided is 100k more or less..

  4. Gee Arceo

    Hello there! How much would I need to start up a laundry business? Where can i find the right equipment at the right price here in the Philippines? Thank you!

  5. dlee42

    1.How is a typical small laundrymat business will require for a capital budget?
    2. How much will it require to maintain good working condition and how often a maintenance routine check is needed wkly/monhtly/anually?
    3.Where is the equipment supplier located in the Philippines?
    4. How can I obtain a price list for each equipment required to established a laundrymat business?

  6. rommel

    Im planning to set up a laundry biz this coming september here in Mariveles Bataan. currently employed ako as a manager. nagisip ako ng biz dito and un laudry shop ang medyo tingin ko click dito kasi ngiisa lang laudry hauz dito eh sa 3km radius ng town proper. Plan ko 25/kg din pero free pick up and delivery. Mura lang naman upa ng space dito eh. and one more things do I need to attend seminars and the two guys that i will employ for my biz? where i can buy machine and dryer?

  7. soundar

    Im planning to set up a laundry biz next year in india.i have to decide daily above 2000 kg of cloths dry/wash cleaning..wat r the equiments need for tat type of process and its cost of machines…how to buy tat type of machine from where? And give some usefull information for me…

  8. Juliusbb

    I am planning to put up a business, Since i am OFW, my wife will take care of it. I choose Laundry shop because it is a minimal supervision. To start as a medium shop. May i know what’s machine do i need to provide. What will be my start up capitalization?
    I know my wife & staff must need to attend your seminar.

  9. sexylilac

    I am also planning to have a laundry biz in Manila. I am now plotting the budget I need and I have no idea on how much yung Girbau Washer 8kg pati yung dryer? Also, can I start the business na ba and then saka ako mag attend ng seminar nyo? Thanks.

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