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hi ms. etten…
I must say i enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot from you. I would also like to thank you for being so kind, you answered all the questions we asked without hesitation and even shared some (or ALL) of your trade secrets. thank you very much for that!!!
God bless you…
hope we can meet up again…
thanks also sa ensaymada and free lunch!!!
-laundry gal-

second the motion ako kay L_G, third, at fourth pa nga.
super enjoy at sang katutak na info kahit OT na nga – hehehe.
di lang si ms. etten ang mabait, pati mga staff nya mana sa kanya.
til we meet again, folks.

holah! i had a great time last saturday. masarap makausap ang mga taong alam mong may somethng in common kayo… lalo na about sa business.. ms. etten and sa lahat ng umattend salamat for welcoming me and sa mga sekreto na ginagamit mo ms etten. im starting to implement it na ngayon sa shop ko… Cheesy sa uulitin!!! Kiss


Thanks Ms. Etten for the helpful tips in operating a laundry business. I found the topics on drycleaning, shop layout (especially the drying area), staff management and monitoring systems particularly relevant. I’ve started reviewing our operating and monitoring systems to benchmark with Ms. Etten’s laundering best practices.
Unti-unti ko i-introduce or adapt these best practices to my shop para di naman ma-overwhelm shopmates ko.
Thanks din sa mga classmates sa seminar. We learned a lot from each other’s sharing of serious and not-so-serious experiences in clothes laundering, he he.


Hello po Grin

Just want to say thank you to mam Etten for the very informative seminar Grin Grin Grin… Ang bait ni mam Ettten pati yung hindi nya dapat i-sshare nashare na nya! hehehe! Grin Grin Grin Dami namin natutunan as in. Thanks din sa mga classmates for all the wacky and OT topics, hehehe! We’re finalizing things pa and still looking for a good place para ma-apply na namin yung natutunan namin Grin
Thanks ulit and God Bless! Smiley

You go girl!! Nette, you have been a positive role-model to me and to all of us, laundry business entrepreneurs. Meeting you and attending your seminar gave me an overall outlook and knowledge that I needed in order to venture forward at full speed.Thank you for being my mentor. Because of your dedication to your students, I have cemented my dreams of financial independence. I opened my laundry shop within 2 months after attending your class. I wouldn’t even worry about the newly-opened laundry shop across from you. The owner probably thought that it would be a healthy competition, but he will soon realize that the decision to open across from your facility was unwise.In this business, and as in any business, wisdom, above all, is the most important thing. Nette, thank you for opening up this portal for us. I hope you and your family are well! When you have a chance to visit Cebu, please call me. I can recommend a wonderful place to stay – click on Take care & God bless!
-Jing of Aces Laundry Services-

“thank you ms. etten. you’re so generous to impart your knowledge… hope to bless you more”


Im also planning to put up a laundry shop at dami ko natutunan dito sa thread cuz since last month pa ako nagbabasa.
-from Entrepreneur Thread

“This thread is so informative…
keep on posting ms. etten and kb…
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”
- I-want-2b-millionaire

“What I observed in the few weeks that I have been a member of this forum/thread was that the members, with special mention to Ma’m Etten, have been very helpful/facilitative in providing useful and practical tips in the starting and running of a laundry business. I hope I would be able to stay in the biz long enough to be able to “pay it forward”.”


hi everyone..
to ms. etten, thanks for the pcs of advise you always give to new entrepreneurs like me..

gud day Master Etten!
I’m happy I’m already a member of this entrepreneur business exchange.As I was surfing the net I was glad to get by this thread because I’m researching for a laundry business and I’m very interested to have one here in our province.
from Entrepreneur Forum

Hi to everyone. I had been following this thread for a while habang nag-iipon ng lakas ng loob ( at funds ) para sa laundry business. I admire the very good and positive sense of community that you guys have, especially the experts and veterans of the business, like ms etten, kb, and mighty thor. Sana maraming pilipino ang ganyan, or maging ganyan.

-From Entrepreneur Forum

attendee ni ms. monette-galing nya noh? super accommodating!

    Hi to all,
    Tagal ko na di nakakabisita dito sa forum. I’ve updated myself with the past postings and I continue to get useful tips/suggestions. The laundry seminar conducted by Etten was very useful. The changes/adjustments I made to my operation and monitoring systems as well as change in staff are paying off. Cash receipts are up, accounts receivables are down and gas consumption is gradually being maximized thanks to more hang-drying.

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  1. Labadang Kay Ganda

    Hi Monette & to all my fellow followers,

    We all know how monette has been very helpful to everyone she’s acquainted with.. and imagine, even with those she’s not?! How nice could she be?! SUPER!!!! Even before i joined her seminar, i was already “makapal ang mukha” nakikihingi ng advise by texting her and viola! w/o hesitations, she replies! Anyway, this forum will really be helpful to laundry shop owners, so we can all grow in this business by continuously increasing our quality of service for clients w/o killing our profits.

    By the way, count me in in that laundry shop owners group. For this forum i will already use my shop name Labadang Kay Ganda, and not Wash Ko lang ( the one i used in Entrepreneur Forum).

    Thank you Monette, God bless you! )

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