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Mr. Laundry Shoppe is conceptualized by its owner, MARIA MONINA “MONETTE” SANTOS in the year 2000 during the time when Laundromats are still being introduced to the Philippine market. It was among those few establishments that pioneered while others are skeptical since “labandera” then was an easy household help to call. During that time, few laundry shops are struggling to establish the business. However MR. LAUNDRY was able to gain customer trust and was able to sustain its market share. Through the years MR. LAUNDRY was able to institute its way to the top as one among the best. Since laundry shops are only perceived to be applicable in industrial setting, we were equally able to cater mostly institutions such as hotels, hospitals, salons, barbershops, restaurants, and fitness centers. We tapped the different corporate accounts and through the years, we gave the best quality service our clients are looking for. Through all these, we have acquired the best experience of 10 years in the business as we grow in full circle. Every year we are gearing for expansion as we aggressively look forward to tapping more clients. MR. LAUNDRY is ready and able for the next challenge to come.


•    To provide Quality Service to our clients
•    Be the best that we can be
•    Be professional, whatever it takes


We commit to practice the following values and ethics:

•    Customer Satisfaction – maintain good relationship with customers and provide what the customers want to the best of your ability.
•    Righteousness – Imbibe good moral practice. Be fair in all your dealings and be considerate in all things possible.
•    Respect – Always consider other person’s feelings and put yourself in their shoes. Always look at things in perspective.

•    Enhancement – Always develop and innovate a system that will improve services.
•    Principle and Integrity – Stick to the goal and achieve it with pride.
•    Commitment to employee – Always work on employees’ improvement and motivation. Cultivate in them teamwork, excellence and professionalism.


We are the founder of the one and only LAUNDRY BUSINESS OWNER’S CLUB OF THE PHILIPPINES. We currently have 50 members, all in Luzon Area and soon to expand in areas of Visayas and Mindanao region.

Laundry Business Owners Club of the Philippines had its “soft” launching in July 04, 2008. The club formally had its first meeting in September 20, 2008. It aims to unite all laundry shop owners in the Philippines thru camaraderie, wisdom and ethics. To value the unification thru one goal, that is to stabilize the growing business, thriving as it is, mushrooming in every corner of metropolis. With the increasing competition, the club aims to make the voice be heard – No price war, rather compete fairly and create healthy competition. Competition that will give incentive for self improvement resulting to good, quality service and eventually costumer satisfaction. With this vision, every laundry shop owner will aim to do the same, gaining win-win situation both as a business owner, and a customer.

Among the benefits of the members is mentorship program provided by its founding member, particularly MR. LAUNDRY SHOPPE. A monthly meeting is provided to update the members of the latest innovation and system applicable to the business. Seminar about the business is also conducted on a monthly basis to help other also interested in the same field.




1.    Brunos Barbers, Rockwell Branch
2.    Brunos Barbers, Ortigas Branch
3.    Brunos Barbers, Greenhills Branch
4.    Brunos Barbers, Tomas Morato
5.    Max’s Restaurant, Scout Tuazon Branch
6.    Max’s Restaurant, Starmall Branch
7.    Max’s Restaurant, Rustans Cubao Branch
8.    Max’s Restaurant, Robinsons Novaliches Branch
9.    Max’s Restaurant, Quezon Avenue Branch
10.    Max’s Restaurant, Banawe Branch
11.    Max’s Restaurant, Kalookan Branch
12.    Max’s Restaurant, Gilmore Branch
13.    Tokyo Tokyo, Main, P. Tuazon
14.    Quezon Institute, E.Rodriguez Ave.


We have furthered our operation through branches and franchising. Currently, we have 3 branches in operation, 2 company owned and one franchise:

•    MR. LAUNDRY Shoppe Main
12 Mayor Ignacio S.Diaz St. Cubao, Quezon City

•    MR. LAUNDRY Shoppe 2nd Branch
8-C 11th Jamboree St. Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City

•    MR. LAUNDRY Shoppe Franchise
8 Rajah Matanda St. Katipunan, Quezon City


Currently, we are operating with 9 employees. We have assigned 3 personnel in each shop.


Our company is equipped with the best personnel who are qualified and experienced. We are also established and financially capable of expansion as opportunity arises.


We stick to the principle that we ourselves have set. We have fixed to the paradigm of price benchmark. That is to maintain the price and sustain the industry.

10 Responses

  1. ML

    Hi! I’m new here. I was googling the other day re laundry tips and operations and came across this site. I enjoyed reading the comments of your readers and of course your tips. I have an existing laundry shop already. My machines are the industrial ones (16kls). I wanted to add 1 additional washer (7.5k) for rush orders. May i get your advice which one is better and practical? Twin tub or single only? Thanks!


  2. Hi ML,

    If you are buying an additional machine, I would suggest get a front load, 7.5kg capacity. It’s economical in terms of water consumption, and it cleans better than twin tub, or single top loader. Though quite expensive compared to the two machines you mentioned, you’ll eventually get the upper-hand.

    I received your email, and have replied to it already. Hope you were able to get it.


  3. ML

    Dear Ms. Monette,

    Thanks for your advice. And thanks for replying on my email. Can i still attend your seminar even if i have a laundry shop already? Btw, i also want to join your club.



  4. Hi ML,

    Yes you can attend the seminar. Many of my attendees are actually existing owners too. Attending the seminar added confidence, that’s according to them.
    Request granted. You are in the club. :)

  5. toyo

    Gudpm po. i would like to start laundry business. I already have a space actually a rented space by my mom, my extra space where i can put up a small receiving office though market environment is not sure kung maganda and i have another large rooftop 50sqm from my lola whom i can ask to lend to me for free.. where i can hang clothes after ma- dry xempre mjo di pa sya totally dried unless i used heavy duty driers which i cannot afford yet,
    Now i have the space and i plan to just buy 10kgs washer and drier. and just put out some small branches to a nice market. Do u think its now possible for me to put up a businss though i still plan to attend to laundry business seminar. Pls advice me!!! I would just buy some commercial detergents n lng for the meantime and other stuff. Wat else can u recommend? pls.. i badly need your help… thank you so much!!

  6. Noemi Orpilla

    Hi! I’ve been reading the blog and marami po talaga akong natutuhan. Pwede po ba kayo mag suggest where we can buy laundry chemicals and supplies? Ano po ba yong tip ni Ms. Etten about fabric conditioner? Thanks a lot and more power !!

  7. toyo,

    your space is enough already to put up the business, but i would recommend you attend the seminar first so you wont be guessing on what to do.

    good luck!


  8. noemi,

    those tips are already exclusive of paying seminar attendees,sorry. need not worry though, if you attend seminar one of these days, i’m sure you’ll get the tip.

    good luck!


  9. Fred Chin

    Hi, been operating my laundry shop here in Davao for almost 3 years now, and I’m planning to open up my 3rd branch and i just want to ask where in Manila can you buy industrial front load washing machines? or if you have contact nos. of dealers in Manila it would be great, and can i be a member of your group even though I’m from Davao. Thanks and more power to you guys!!

  10. […] if laundry business is what you are planning to get into, Nette of Mr. Laundry Shoppe will once again hold her business seminar in March 2009. By attending this […]

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