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The 100th Member Now Reached!

Hi Guys!

This is regarding the Laundry Business Owners Club of the Philippines. We have now reached the number of members to 100 people. It is now time to hold a meeting. I understand, some members are from Visayas and Mindanao region, so I need your suggestions as to how we are going to do this.

Members from Manila are very easy to organize, since were only in one area..however, i would like to point out that members coming from other area are very welcome to the get together that I’m thinking of organizing in December. Unless you have other suggestions, this is just one of the things that have come up to my mind.

Tentative schedule of meeting in Luzon Area is on mid month of September. Other suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much,


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  1. Ines

    I am a laundry shop owner… name enviwash. Pls. include me in your club! Thank you

  2. ines, your name already included, #103

  3. sheryll

    hi how do you become a member?? i own a laundryshop here in pampanga.tnx

  4. Hi sheryll, for now there’s no requirement. just show your interest of becoming a member, then be on the 1st meeting which is anytime soon. :)

  5. sammy portugal

    i’m a laundry shop owner and would like to join. thanks

  6. sammy, you’re #108

  7. chinchin

    HI! I’m new in the Laundry business….actually we will be opened on sept. 8 pa…I want to be a member in this Club….tnx


    Hi! I want to be a member in this Club….Im new in the Laundry Business…my laundry shop will be openned on Sept 8….tnx a lot!!!—Chinchin


    Hi! I want to be a member in this Club…Im new in the Laundry Business…My laundry shop will be openned on Sept 8…tnx

  10. greg lapid

    greetings!! mam I’m from Baguio city a newbie in laundry business oops actually i did not start yet still planning and i don’t know how to start.could u please share me Ur ideas specially your module thank you and more power.

  11. Hi Greg,

    I believe we already exchanged text. :)

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