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Tentative List of Members: (Updated everyday)

1. Monette
2. Dra. Nette
3. Gilbert
4. Dandan
5. Wash ko lang
6. Dr. Rodel
7. Carlos111
8. MarzhmaLoE
9. Soapwear
10. William
11. Ann
12. Business Partner of Ann
13. Norma
14. Noemi
15. Pauline
16. Ruthanian
17. JEmmaB
18. Laundrygal
19. Perpax
20. Citilife Laundry/Denzon
21. Orange
22. Owen/Doggie doggie
23. Rachel
24. Cielo M.
25. Anna (Better Living Laundry)
26. Kelly2005 (thank you)
27. Angels
28. Angel Quinito from CDO
29. Gerry from Las Pinas
30. Chyze
31. Elvie Adorador
32. Marielle
33. Carl
34. Dylan from Davao
35. Dong (from Bulacan)
36. Jingle (from Bulacan)
37. Heidi
38. Elvie (fr Davao)
39. Peter Catan
40. Richel Catan (fr Dumaguete)
41. Jon
42. Cmann (fr Baguio)
43. Clarissa
44. Baby Barreto
45. Marc (Cavite)
46. Ms. Jing (Cebu)
47. Francis
48. Arnold
49. Duday (fr Pasay)
50. Arnold
51. Beth Balingit
52. Kb
53. Delia (from Gen Santos)
54. Dra. Halog (Cavite)
55. Jen Boncay
56. Mark (Angeles)
57. einaliel
58. Mitzi
59. Brint
60. Lei Galinato
61. Jackie
62. Lababida
63. Anthony Viray
64. Turtle
65. Ria (ML)
66. Mac Milan
67. Jen Go
68. Rowena Ison
69. Florence
70. Reiver
71. Marcial Bacsal
72. Lei Lim
73. Rowena Ison
74. Ched Santos
75. Mannix
76. Bebeth
77. Mighty Thor
78. Beauty_clean
79. Agy (Fabric pod)
80. Marie M.
81. Iva :)
82. Mr. Marthe
83. Rhialhan
84. Quick Options Laundry (fr Cebu)
85. Rory
86. Laundry Depot Cavite
87. Brionne
88. Jean (from Paranaque)
89. Tikman (Gerald)
90. Gerald Business Partner
91. Paul Senador
92. Rain Reyes
93. Starmaid
94. Lorna Chua
95. Jurhaida (from Davao)
96. Chandler
97. Snowbear
98. evita
99. Peter Capacete
100. Blueknight
101. cheann
102. Labada Express
103. Ines (enviwash)
104. Kathleen Gamboa
105. Ditas Chu
106. Unicahija
107. Jovy
108. Sammy Portugal
109. Jun and Emie
110. Juan Packundo
111. Fidelity
112. Sunday Clean
113. Ricky of Fairview
114. counting… and counting… and counting.. :)

21 Responses

  1. Mac Milan

    please count me in…im mac milan…kami po yung taga-isabela na umatend ng seminar last january and we started na yung shop namin

  2. Hi Mac,

    Yes i’ll count you in,
    Thank you.

  3. Florence

    Hi Eten,
    I attended youe seminar last 31 May. I wanted to be included in your club.Thank You!

  4. Hi Florence,

    I’ll include you in the list,

  5. Marie M.

    Hi Eten! Count me in… Marie M. I will try to attend your seminar on July 26 (if you still have a slot for me) – but i already have my laundry shop and its running good for 3 months now. Thanks.

  6. B.J.


    I’m intrested in putting up a laundry. Who can I talk with regarding the details.

    I really need help because I will be using my mom’s savings. I don’t want to mess up. :-)


  7. @Marie
    If your shop is running 3 months and running smoothly, I don’t think you still need to attend the seminar, but just the same..I’d love to meet you.

    Post here, or email me what you need to know about the business, and I’ll reply to you the best way I can. You can also text me, 09228267515

  8. rhialhan

    Ma’am Monnete,

    umatendpo ako ng seminarlast may, addnyopo ako d2.

    thanks po.


  9. Hi Allan, your name already included, ;)

  10. Ditas Chu

    hi! count me in.. ive wanted to attend your seminar kaya lang hindi ako nakapunta due to schedule. You’ve texted me about the club din pala but you didnt reply when i answered.

  11. Peter


    I don’t see my name on the lists of the 100. Can you please to include mine.

    Name: Peter Capacete (Bubbles Doubles)

    I joined August 5, 2008


  12. Enviwash/Ines

    Hi, pls include me in the club! More power!

  13. Ines, your name is already included, #103.

  14. Dr. Agy Carungcong

    Pls. count me in, Agy of FABRIC POD Cavite. Thanks.

  15. Hi Dr. Agy,
    You’re #79 :)

  16. emie & jun M.

    hi ms. monette,

    mukhang di pa na update ang listing, wala kc ang name namin eh. pls. do include us. tnx.

  17. hi emie,

    your name now included. :)

  18. SUNDAY CLEAN (Antipolo City)

    Hi!!! I’ll be going to attend the seminar on Aug. 30..’Hope i could be a member too in this Club..tnx!!

  19. fidelity

    hello etten,

    why am not included yet sa members list?
    paki add mo na ko…tnx


  20. Marie M.

    Hi Miss Monette! Please confirm my attendance on Sept 20. Looking forward to see you and the rest of the Club.Thanks.

    Marie M (member #80)

  21. jaypee of Twin Tub Laundry Services (Dumaguete City)

    hello po miss etten, please include me in the list. thank you po.

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