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First Meeting of the Laundry Business Owners Club

For all members: the final date of the first meeting will be on September 20. For the NCR members: Venue will be in Max’s Restaurant in Gateway Cubao.
Time: 3pm. I need confirmation of attendance for me to able to reserve a function room. However, if the attendees fall below 15, i don’t see any reason for us to be in a function room anymore. Agenda is posted here, I will have a static page for the members to see the agenda, and if you have comments and suggestions, you can either post it here in this forum or leave a comment here.

Hopefully a lot would show up.
In the other areas, please coordinate with Carlos111 and hopefully you will update us with your status.
Thank you! ( I’m already excited to finally meet all of you!)

Have a nice day everyone!


14 Responses

  1. Rory

    Hi Ms. Etten,

    Is there a chance to move the meet up to a different location? Say, somewhere in the middle so that the North and SOuth people can meet halfway? Makati or Ortigas area perhaps? Just a suggestion…


  2. mark roland selisana (mr. Marthe)

    good day monette

  3. mark roland selisana (mr. Marthe)

    pls include me in your list of attendance for the meeting ill be there.. tnx

  4. peter capacete

    Hi Ms. Etten.. Max Gateway is ok with me.. count me in

  5. Hi rory!

    yes, let’s take that into consideration. Guys, if you have suggestions about the meeting place, please leave a comment here. Thank you very much and see you all on Sept 20!

  6. Hi mark!

    see you on sept 20,

  7. ok peter capacete, noted po.

  8. Norma

    Hi Ms. Monette,

    Pls include me and my sister Beth

    many thanks!

  9. SUNDAY CLEAN (Antipolo City)

    Hi ms.Monette, See you on Sept 20…tnx…

  10. Rory

    Hi Ms. Etten,

    Even if the venue remains the same, do count me in…will be there :)


  11. Norma, SUNDAY Clean, Rory,

    I’ll see you on September 20,2008! :)

  12. SUNDAY CLEAN (Antipolo City)

    Ms. Monette, thanks for the help….God bless!!!

  13. Hi Sunday Clean,

    You’re welcome.

    I heard na starstruck ang staff ko kay Sunday, ;)

    Good Luck!

  14. sammy

    I would like to attend, pls count me in

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