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    Laundry Business Owners Club of the Philippines had its “soft” launching last July 04, 2008. The club formally had its first meting last September 20, 2008
    It aims to unite all laundry shop owners in the Philippines thru camaraderie, wisdom and ethics. To value the unification thru one goal, that is to stabilize the growing business, thriving as it is, mushrooming in every corner of metropolis. With the expanding competition, the club aims to make the voice be heard, no price war, rather compete fairly, create healthy competition. Competition that will give incentive for self improvement resulting to good,quality service and eventually costumer satisfaction. With this vision, every laundry shoppe owner will aim to do the same, gaining win-win situation both as a business owner, and a customer.


  • Mentoring Program exclusive for members only. A monthly session for those needing assistance regarding the business in particular.
  • provide seminars on a monthly basis
  • give discounts on supplies
  • provide seminars on how to make your own laundry supplies


    Mr. Laundry Shoppe
    12 I.S.Diaz St. Cubao ,Quezon City


    Everyone who are passionate about the business,laundry in particular. Networks of the business like seminar providers, suppliers and mentors are also welcome to join.


    There’s a  LIFETIME membership fee of Php2000.- An ID shall be issued for each member. A certificate of membership, a banner to be posted inside the laundry shop to identify yourself of being a member, and a sticker. All these shall be issued upon payment of the fee.

Membership Brochure Page 1
BMembership Brochure Page 2

47 Responses

  1. rowena ison

    kailan na po uli ang seminar nyo regarding laundry business? interesado po kasi ako. actually meron na akong laundry business pero need ko pa rin po ng assistance para sa mas magandang pagpapatakbo ng laundry. taga tarlac city po ako at meron na pong limang laundry shope dito now. ang gusto ko po sana eh yung maiba ako sa kanila, yung tipong class pero di nman mahal ang capital. saka need ko rin po kasi ng mga bagong technique sa business para nman mas mapaganda ko pa yung service namin pero affordable pa rin ng tao. saka po yung pricing ng mga table cloth at chair tapos yung pricing din po ng mga towel kasi balak ko pong imarket ang mga beauty parlor na malalaki dito sana po makarecieve ako ng tips mula sa inyo kahit di pa ako nag attend ng seminar…. salamat po and more power….

  2. Hi Rowena,
    July 26 is the next seminar. Tips are all given out here..Just keep on reading and eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.
    If you have questions, just comment here or email me.

  3. Hi Etten,

    Can I join?I in particular and the company Im affiliated in right now can be of service in this noble endeavour of yours and the members as well. We can be useful in terms of free seminars of yours, as well as the products we carry.Let me know how we can be of service, we are practically neighbors..hehe

    More Power!!


  4. bebeth

    hello. i want to be a member. how can i join? and i want to attend your seminar. can you give me map. thanks and more power.

  5. Hi Mannix,

    Welcome to the club! :)

  6. Hi Bebeth,

    You’re welcome to join,
    About the seminar, depends on where you’re coming from,
    Our street is just across Farmers Market,Cubao. We are near P.Tuazon, Chocolate Lovers. If you’re near the area, you can ask the orange tricycle where Mr. Laundry is located.
    You ca txt me 09228267515 for further inquiries.

  7. Iva

    I wanna join too, Miss Etten.

  8. Iva,

    Welcome to the club! ;D

  9. mr.marthe

    hi how can i join? interested po ako magseminar meron na po akong laundry shop tnx

  10. Toto

    Hi Mrlaundy!
    I just want to ask something, Gusto ko magtayo ng laundy shop but i don’t have any Idea yet if what the first important things to buy,of curse I think washer and dryer but what I mean is do i have to buy Front load washer? kahit sa umpisa palang ng business?

  11. Hi Mr.Marthe

    i’ll include you in the list. right now, I’m just gathering at least a hundred people to see if this project is feasible. So far i see positive replies. Support is in the first line of order here, :)


  12. @toto,

    the difference of front load and top load has bee discussed earlier..however maybe you’re getting confused with an industrial frontloader and a household or commercial front loader. If you’re just starting out, a frontload commercial type would be ideal. Not necessarily the industrial one, unless you have a pending approval for industrial clients that could guarantee your fast ROI,

  13. rhialhan

    Ma’am Monette,

    Pamember po ako dito. Thanks po.


  14. Noemi Orpilla

    May fee ba if we join the club? May existing shops na kami but I want to learn more, especially sa techniques and pricing. What time and seminar on July 26? How much fee and what are the topics to be discussed?

    Thanks. More power to the club!

  15. Hi Noemi,
    There’s no plan for club fee as yet, this has to be discussed by members but rest assured a lot shall be gained from this club. For the seminar, i will refer you here :

    If your shop has been up and running already, I don’t see any reason for you to attend the seminar however as i always say, i’d love to meet you :)

  16. Roy

    hi Etten!

    ngayon pa lang ako napasyal dito. may blog ka na pala.


    exclusive ba sa mga laundry owners ang club?

    hehehe… tinanong pa… siyempre, Laundry Owners Club nga e…

    wala lang… pangulit lang, hehe…

  17. Rem

    hello. bago akong member at gusto ko sanang malaman kung kailan ang sunod na seminar. thanks.


  18. hi,,,im a student of tomas claudio memorial college in morong rizal,we have our feasibility study on how to establish laundry shop,,,can we ask question in this site,,,,

  19. Hi leih, sure you can ask questions here. Wag lang trade secret, ;)

  20. Rem, next seminar is last Saturday of August. Text me if you’re interested. my number is 09228267515

  21. Roy!!!!
    Syempre lahat welcome as reader, pero membership for the club interesedado ka ba? ;)
    Bibisita ka lagi!

  22. Paul Senador


    I am very interested to join this club. What do I need to do to be a member.

    Thank you.


  23. Hi Paul, For now wala pang requirement. Support lang, and the commitment to come during assembly, I’d like to meet all of you, :)

  24. Gina

    I’m interested to put up laundry business operations. I have general questions:
    – what brand of laundry machines are commonly used?
    – what to expect in the first year of operations (or first 6 months)
    – how to join your club.
    – by the way, my location is cebu city.

  25. starmaid_clean

    hi can u count me in…tnx!ü

  26. starmaid_clean

    can u count me in? tnx… ü

  27. Roy

    hi nette!

    bibisita lang? sure!

    thanks sa pagbisita mo sa site ko ;)

  28. @Paul Senador and starmaid

    you’re now included in the list,
    please come to the General Assembly

  29. Hi Gina,
    Sorry for the late reply. I’ll post your queries for everyones benefit, please see here:


  30. evita

    i want to join too.tnx.

  31. Peter

    Hi Peter here,

    I’m a soap maker. My partner and I are planning to venture into the laundry business as well. So when exactly is the next seminar for August?


    p.s. i seldom go online so please do text me on this number #9209053487 or email me..

  32. Peter

    Also please include me in your list of members..


  33. blueknight


    Can I also join the club. I attended one of the seminars and of course it helped a lot.

  34. lis

    dropping here, EC widget not downloading

  35. @Peter, your name now included

    @Blueknight, Thank you for the interest! I haven’t heard from you in a while. I’ll include you in the list.

    @evita, your name is already included

  36. @lis
    Thank you for dropping!

  37. cheann

    hi, this is really very informative. since, i am planning to open a laundry shop i would like also to join the club. thanks.

  38. Labada Express --- Darling Sanchez-Arduo

    May I join?

  39. @cheann – sure you can join the club, but i hope you attend the meeting too.

    @labada express- by all means kasama ka. :)

  40. Noemi Orpilla

    Hi! Gud pm. Curious lang po. May ORDER FORM sa main menu. Do you also have chemicals & other laundry supplies? Naghahanap po kasi kami ng supplier na okay na ang products, may good customer relationship pa. How do we know ‘yong price? Thanks a lot!

  41. Hi noemi,

    as i said, the supplies are good for the seminar attendees only, thank you.


  42. student

    Im a student from Calamba, may Feasibility study po kami ngayon na laundry shop. Baka po pwede nyo kami matulungan.Eto po ung mga questions:
    1. Ilang washing machine ang dapat gamitin, ilang dryer.Or washer at dryer na dapat. front load or topload po?
    2. Ano pong brand at exact model ang recommended sa washing machine at dryer? San po nakakabili nun para malaman din namin ang estimated price.
    3. San po kami kukuha ng supplier ng detergent?Yung environment friendly po.
    Yan po muna sa ngayon….salamat po.

  43. Juan Packundo

    Pls count me in…

  44. Juan Packundo

    ms etten,

    im planning to open a laundry shop at the same time open a pick up station. my question is, how often should collect the laundry at the pick up station in a week.

  45. […] SEMINAR FOR A CAUSE Proceeds of the seminar will be used for the 1st Reachout Program of the LAUNDRY BUSINESS OWNERS CLUB,PHILIPPINES. Schedule of the next seminar is DECEMBER 13, 2008 (Saturday) It will start 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or […]

  46. […] SEMINAR FOR A CAUSE Proceeds of the seminar will be used for the 1st Reachout Program of the LAUNDRY BUSINESS OWNERS CLUB,PHILIPPINES. Schedule of the next seminar is DECEMBER 13, 2008 (Saturday) It will start 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or […]

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